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Imani Ma'at AnkhmenRa Amen is a visionary, artist, drummer of the African Diaspora, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, photographer, dance educator from Norfolk, VA. She has trained in multiple dance styles including improvisation, experimental, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, and traditional West African dance practices. Her primary focus in dance is West African dance and its various musical patterns and traditions. Through these dance practices, she produces many works with the intention of developing safe spaces while unifying the community and helping others develop higher consciousness through the performing and visual arts. Healing, the understanding of vibration through rhythm, social justice, and honoring ancestry is deeply embedded in her framework, curriculum, and community structure. Her goals are to bring forth spiritual healing and to simply encourage others through her work as a versatile creator and dance artist.

 Instagram: @_imanimaat

Cleo is a multifaceted artist who utilizes many different mediums to express both her creativity and deep ancestral reverence. Her artistic ideology is remnants of the past create the foundations of the future. This is evident by her repurposing of old garments to reupholster furniture and to create wearable art. The musical manifestation of Anderson's creative encapsulation of past, present and future can be heard with her blend of ancient chants, esoteric infused poetry and futuristic instrumentation. By staying communicative, spiritually and creatively, with those who have transitioned to the ancestral realm, Cleo has created a sound that is healing to the soul and invigorating to the spirit. She has performed at the Charles H Wright Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the historical Baker's Lounge, the Virgil Carr Center and the legendary Cliff Bells. Her daughter, Treasure, is a straight A student at Cranbrook. 
IG: @cleotheshero